Goodyear wants you to have a great year

06 September 2010

While farmers can’t influence the weather that crops up, they can influence the maintenance of their machinery and control the related costs.

Goodyear Commercial and Farm Tyre Product Manager, David Hamilton, said that a good tyre management program can reduce unnecessary costs; this includes selecting the correct tyre, regularly checking tyre pressures and undertaking annual wheel alignments.

“Incorrectly aligned tyres on a tractor can increase tyre wear by up to 40 per cent. In monetary terms,if your front tyres cost $500 a pair you could be losing $200 in unnecessary wear and tear,” MrHamilton said.

“Also, ensure that you aren’t carrying any more ballast than required. Excess ballast will decrease your tractors performance as well as increase your fuel bill.

”To maximise the benefits of Goodyear’s extensive range of high-tech farm tyres, it is also essential that tyre pressures are checked and adjusted as required to suit the implement that you are working with.

“In simple terms, tyres that run at the correct pressures have a longer life, are safer and give better fuel economy,” Mr Hamilton said.

“The correct pressure depends on both the load the tyre is subjected to tractor and implement and the application the vehicle is undertaking.

“If in doubt, always contact your authorised Goodyear dealer.”


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Goodyear Wrangler