New Duraseal Technology

It's DuraSeal Technology – the world's first built-in tyre sealant for commercial truck tyres that instantly seals tread punctures without time-consuming or messy application of aftermarket sealants.

Runs Rings Around Traditional Sealants.

Until now, messy, liquid-based, aftermarket sealants were a fleet's defense against nail punctures. Not only do these sealants tend to dry out and become less effective, but they're inconvenient to re-apply. Because of this, many fleets opt not to use them at all. And those fleets that do must take their trucks out of service to repair punctures – resulting in costly downtime.

Here's How It Works.

DuraSeal Technology is built into the tread area of the casing. When a nail puncture occurs, a yellow, gel-like rubber compound surrounds the nail and seals the tread puncture. The sealant helps protect the part of the tyre where punctures most often occur. It can seal up to one-quarter inch tread punctures and it can do it again and again without the tyre needing to be repaired or the sealant needing to be re-applied.

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