Truck Tyres

Below are some handy tyre and general safety tips and advice for drivers of trucks.

Prepare well in advance to meet the special requirements of different seasons.

You must prepare your truck and tyres well in advance for Winter, but also for the other seasons. Fog, excessive rainfall, snow and ice, and glare and heat all bring specific kinds of adjustments and maintenance.

Be aware of the potential danger posed by heavier, higher-riding vehicles to other drivers.

Light trucks are generally heavier and higher riding, so their bumpers can be deadly to smaller cars on impact. Drivers of light trucks should be aware of the danger this poses to smaller vehicles.

Develop the skills needed to tow trailers safely.

Light trucks are often used to tow trailers, for purposes ranging from general hauling to campers and boats. It's not easy to manoeuvre around corners and change lanes when towing an extra vehicle. Backing up also can be challenging. As is driving up or downhill. A few basic pointers to keep in mind:

  • Don't Tow Too Much Weight
  • Use The Right Hitch & Other Equipment
  • Load Your Trailer Properly
  • Get Some Help Hooking Up
  • Run The Right Wheels And Tyres
  • Add More Power
  • Avoid Overheating
  • Keep Your Tow Vehicle Level

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