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New Goodyear Tyre Delivers up to $500 of Fuel Savings over the Life of the Tyres

July 2014

Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax takes you further for less  Reduces braking distance by more than 2 metres on wet roads²  Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® for added protection Goodyear has launched a revolutionary new tyre—the Assurance TripleMax—which helps drivers save on fuel. Featuring Goodyear’s latest Fuel Saving Technology™, the Assurance TripleMax can save up to $500 worth of fuel over the life of the tyres¹.

Designed for mid-sized passenger vehicles, the new Assurance TripleMax tyre has been developed to provide drivers fuel savings by lowering the rolling resistance of the tyre, while at the same time giving assurance on other performance areas around safety and durability.
Rolling resistance refers to the energy which is lost when a tyre is rolling over a surface. By lowering the rolling resistance in the Assurance TripleMax, less energy is needed to push the car forward—thereby reducing the amount of fuel consumed and providing savings for drivers. “Goodyear is focused on bringing consumers relevant and practical product innovations. The Assurance TripleMax tyre is proven to deliver substantial dollar savings to drivers while also improving on other performance parameters of the tyre,” said Tony Kiernan, Goodyear’s Consumer Tyres Product Manager.
“The Assurance TripleMax is Goodyear’s response to delivering consumers a tyre they’ve always wanted—one which focuses on maximising fuel savings, while also increasing grip to improve safety and extending tyre lifespan.” Goodyear’s Fuel Saving Technology™ saves up to $500 over the life of the tyres¹
Goodyear’s Fuel Saving Technology™ in the Assurance TripleMax lets drivers go further for less, saving up to $500 worth of fuel over the life of the tyres¹. This is achieved through three main features:
1. Functionalized Polymer Tread Compound: High molecular bonding provides lower running temperatures, reducing the tyre’s rolling resistance.
2. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Neutralized Stress Ply Line: FEA neutralised ply lines provide reduced internal component stresses and internal friction for a cooler running tyre.
3. Wide Face Cavity: Large surface contact and evenly distributed pressure under normal driving conditions reduces the rolling friction of the tyre.

In addition to significant fuel savings, the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyre was also developed with two other key consumer needs in mind; increasing grip and shortening braking distances, and a high level of tyre durability.
Incorporates HYDROGRIP Technology® which reduces braking distances by more than 2 metres on wet roads²
Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax is the first tyre to boast Goodyear’s latest HYDROGRIP Technology® that delivers drivers’ maximum grip for maximum assurance. This revolutionary technology provides drivers with increased peace of mind and shorter braking distances, particularly when driving in the rain–reducing braking distances by more than 2 metres on wet roads². Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® for added protection
Built to last longer, the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax gives drivers that extra mile with added protection and increased tyre longevity. The Assurance TripleMax is reinforced with Dupont™ Kevlar®, which is used in military grade equipment. This lightweight material maintains stiffness and strength even under high temperature conditions when the tyre is in motion, giving drivers’ added protection against road hazards. Available Sizes Available in 14" to 17" rim diametres and in multiple sizes, the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyre delivers drivers of a wide range of mid-sized passenger vehicles maximum grip for maximum assurance.

¹ Based on 31% rolling resistance improvement versus Goodyear Assurance ArmorGrip.Tyresize:205/55R16. Test location: Goodyear Innovation Centre, Luxembourg. Rolling resistance-fuel saving conversion formula based on the US Highway Federal Emissions Test (HWFET). Projection based on tyre mileage of 60,000km, fuel consumption 9.9L /100km and fuel price of $1.45/L. Actual savings may vary based on fuel prices, when tyres are replaced, driving and road conditions and proper tyre maintenance.
² Compared to the average performance of 2 leading competitors. Braking distance on wet road from 80km/h to 20km/h, measured by TÜV SÜD Automotive in November 2012;Tyre Size: 205 /55 R16 -91V. Test Car: Toyota Auris; Location: FAKT