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Fit for Purpose Statement and Warranty Policy

1. Fit for Purpose Statement:

Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres Australia and New Zealand (GDT) warrants that the tyres it sells:


(a)     have dimensions, load carrying capacities and are compatible with the specifications and approved rims listed in one or more of the following tyre Standards Manuals (as appropriate): -

  • The Tyre and Rim Association of Australia (T&RAA)
  • The Tire and Rim Association (Inc) of the USA (T&RA Inc.)
  • The European Tyre & Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO)
  • The Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association Inc. (JATMA)


and in the case of Light Truck and Truck tyres comply with: -

  • Australian / New Zealand Standard 2230:1999


and in the case of Retreaded tyres comply with: -

  • Australian Standard AS1973-1993 Pneumatic tyres — Passenger car, light truck, and truck/bus - Retreading and repair processes.


(b)     if of a tyre size listed on the vehicle’s “Tyre Selection Placard”, (reference Australian Design Rule 42/04), then they are suitable for fitment on that vehicle provided the load and speed rating, rim and inflation pressure specifications of the placard are observed


(c)     or, if of a tyre size not listed on the vehicle’s “Tyre Selection Placard”, (reference Australian Design Rule 42/04) are suitable for fitment on that vehicle subject to the additional conditions that the tyre is dimensionally appropriate for the vehicle, is fitted to an approved rim and does not infringe any applicable laws or regulations


(d)     are “fit for purpose” subject to the following matters:



  • This ‘fit for purpose” warranty applies to tyres sold to a dealer or other re-seller. It does not apply where the dealer or re-seller                        knows, or reasonably ought to have known, that by virtue of the tyre size, tread pattern design or product information published by Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres, the tyre is not appropriate for use on the vehicle under the consumer’s intended conditions of operation.


  • Any rights the Customer may have under:


  • the Australian Consumer Law in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), if the sale was made in Australia (ACL); or 
  • the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, if the sale was made in New Zealand (CGA),


shall apply notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions in this policy, or in the Terms, which shall be read down to the extent necessary to comply with the applicable laws and which shall otherwise apply to the fullest extent legally permissible.


  • To the extent permitted by the ACL and/or the CGA, as applicable, and without derogating from any other aspect of this policy or the applicable Terms, GDT disclaims all responsibility and/or liability whatsoever in relation to any goods and/or services (including tyres & tubes) sold subject to the Terms or otherwise which are: (i) fitted to or used on rims or wheels: (A) which do not comply with any specifications of the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia [“TRAA”] or which are used in contravention of any applicable statutory provision; (B) which are out of alignment, damaged, rusty or otherwise in improper condition; (C) used in abnormal conditions (including off road use, trials, rallies, record attempts etc); (D) in conjunction with tubes and/or valves which are not recommended or approved by GDT; (E) in breach of good practice or any GDT conditions of use or recommendations; (F) with undersized tubes or flaps; (ii) damaged in any way after manufacture; (iii) improperly inflated at any time or used with substitutes for air which are not recommended by GDT; (iv) used for any purpose which is in excess of the ratings marked on the tyre side walls or specified by the TRAA; (v) used for excessive loads or at excessive speeds; (vi) altered, reprocessed or repaired in any way whatsoever whether by GDT, its authorised agents or otherwise; (vii) purchased by the customer second hand or blemished; and/or (viii) treated at any time with any sealant for any reason. Customers acknowledge that tyres and tubes can be damaged by (inter alia) misuse, contact with solvents or other chemicals, prolonged exposure to infra red or ultra violet rays and other light sources, heat, incorrect storage, improper or careless fitting or use and any of the matters referred to above.


2.    Warranty:

A.   Policy Overview:

If any tyre or tube sold by GDT develops a fault which is due to a defect in manufacture, processing or material, and which in GDT’s opinion precludes reasonable usage being obtained by the customer, then provided such tyre or tube is returned to GDT within 14 days of the customer becoming aware of the fault, with all transportation charges prepaid, GDT will either: (i) repair or replace the tyre or tube free of charge; or (ii) make such allowance to the customer in a reduction in the then current price for a new, reconditioned or repaired tyre or tube as is appropriate, after taking into account the usage already rendered by the tyre or tube in question.

The warranty offered by GDT can be summarised as follows:

  1. All tyres and tubes sold by GDT though its stores and dealers are covered by warranty. Goodyear warrants its tyres against manufacturing defects.
  2. Unless advertised on specific products, GDT does not warrant tread-wear, nor provide a treadwear (mileage) guarantee.
  3. While tyre age is a factor when considering the condition of a tyre submitted for warranty adjustment consideration, there is no specific age limit.
  4. All warranties must be submitted as prescribed in section B “Warranty Claim Procedure” below.


B.   Warranty Claim Procedure:

All warranty adjustments must be made on a properly completed warranty adjustment processing form.  The Warranty Claim Procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete the E-Claim warranty form on GDT’s E-Portal
    1. Write the store number & warranty number in white wax crayon / marker pen on the tyre’s bead area.
    2. Contact Logistics supplier to arrange tyre pick-up
    3. Ship tyre(s) and form(s) to GDT customer engineering
    4. Tyre / Electronic form will be inspected and the warranty adjustment considered based on the data supplied on the form and the tyre condition.

The customer will be reimbursed if tyres comply with the GDT Warranty Policy