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Commercial Fleet Service At Beaurepaires


About BFT Online

Beaurepaires For Tyres Online (BFT Online) is a fully integrated service solution that offers customers security and peace of mind with consistent service reliability for their commercial fleet.

BFT Online’s superior capabilities include 24 hour response units, on-site servicing, data capture, reporting, and access to accurate real time statistics. The result? High level service and CPK (cents per kilometre) performance figures. We’re dedicated to keeping the vehicles in your commercial fleet running and maintaining cost effective tyre management.

Our real time reports also allow customers to compare premium and budget offerings. Monitoring and maintaining tyre pressure and tread depths are a key focus in our mission to prolong tyre life, identify solutions and maintain strong service levels for commercial fleets.


  • Tyre life capture - By axle position - By asset (individual or grouped)
  • Accurate tread depth and pressure readings
  • Invoice service details
  • Fleet overview

Customer Service Levels

  • Detailed tracking of time and activities on-site
  • Invoices maintained at tyre position
  • Tyre performance tracking
  • Policy fitment adherence

A full reporting suite focuses on CPK analytics and collects crucial operational data, allowing customers to make important decisions for the tyre component based on factual data.

The Beaurepaires national network and integrated IT infrastructure allows quick and accurate reporting of your commercial fleet service and tyre purchases, making it easier to monitor and manage the tyre contribution to your vehicle operation costs.

BFT Online Tablet Interface

This is how the BFT Online tablet interface works:

  • Mobile Service Technicians capture live fleet tyre inspection data in the Beaurepaires Inspection and Service Application via tablet.
  • Customer and asset specific fleet data is available on the device and used to record and upload inspection data and visit history to the central reporting data base.
  • Technicians also use the platform to record future servicing requirements for approval and scheduling.
  • Service performance is improved through mandatory workflow checklists, which are linked to customer service requirement agreements.

Benefits of BFT Online

  • Data collection (efficiencies and accuracy)
  • Reporting and analytics (CPK)
  • Operations and workforce productivity
  • H & S Improvements
  • Control and accountability
  • Tyre recommendations based on factual data
  • Long term relationship building
  • Customer engagement and trust