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Need New Tyres and Additional Services In Adelaide? Get Your Supplies and Services from our Adelaide Tyre Stores!

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What Tyres Do You Provide?

Beaurepaires has one of the biggest selections of tyres in Australia and therefore you will find tyres for every type of vehicle at our store, this includes car tyres, light commercial tyres, tractor tyres, 4WD tyres and truck tyres.

Having trouble finding the tyre you need? Then do not hesitate to give us a call. We realise that our Adelaide stores have an extremely large range and that is can be quite difficult to locate your exact tyre.

To make it easier on you, we have also implemented an advanced search feature on our website. On this search feature, you can select the make and model of your car, but also the year and series of your car. After doing so, you will immediately see all the options available to you.

What Benefits Can Good Tyres Provide?

Good quality tyres can make a big difference for your wallet. For example, by reducing the rolling resistance on your tyres, your engine needs to make less effort to go forward. Less rolling resistance also means using less fuel, so ultimately it will save you money.

Rolling resistance is not the only benefit you will be able to get from decent tyres. Good quality tyres will also give you a better grip on the road, or any other surface you wish to drive on. However, when you shop for new tyres, take into account that there are dedicated tyres for specific surfaces.

For example, it is possible to buy tyres that provide you with more grip on wet surfaces, but they might be less good on dry surfaces. Alternatively you will also find tyres at our Adelaide stores that will work well on both wet and dry surfaces, it all depends on your driving needs.

Do You Provide Maintenance Services?

You do not have to go to a garage to get your tyres serviced, because you can also visit our Adelaide stores. If you have bought your tyres from Beaurepaires and you come in for a maintenance, you may be able to obtain additional discounts if you are able to present your Beaurepaires Tyre Maintenance Guide.

By having your tyres checked at one of our Adelaide Stores, you can seriously prolong the life of your purchased tyres. If you have your tyres checked by our team of professionals, you will not have to worry about problems with your tyres for a considerable amount of time either.

So when should you visit one of our Adelaide stores for tyre maintenance? Customers are advised to come in for a maintenance check after they have driven a considerable distance or when they are not certain if there are better tyres on the market.

Can You Help Me With Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing?

Customers can also count on our Adelaide stores for wheel alignment. By aligning your wheels properly, you can ensure the least amount of wear on your new tyres. This also means that your tyres will last longer and you will not need a replacement any time soon. Proper wheel alignment will also reduce the amount of fuel your car consumes.

So when do you need wheel alignment? Well, there are a few clear indicators that will tell you if your car needs wheel alignment, for example when your steering wheel is not straight or after you have replaced your old tyres. Beaurepaires also recommends coming for a wheel alignment at least twice a year in order to increase the safety of your vehicle.

Beaurepaires can also help customers with wheel balancing. An unbalanced tyre usually occurs when one part of a tyre is heavier than another. By rebalancing your tyres, the weight is evenly distributed and the wear and tear on your tyres is reduced considerably.

There are also clear indicators for a car that needs wheel balancing. For example, the steering wheel will be vibrating or the tyres will be especially noisy. Wheel balancing is also recommended after you have replaced your tyres.

Any Commercial Services?

Our company can definitely contribute to businesses in Adelaide, especially where transport is concerned. Not only can we provide you with the best possible tyres, we can seriously lower your administration and fleet costs by providing you with a tailor-made tyre management program.

Businesses can also count on our expert advice, so that they end up with the most cost-effective tyre option for their business. We can also provide you with regular tyre inspections, changes, rotations and pressure maintenance when needed.

Of course, great tyres cannot be used to their maximal potential without the proper driving style. For that reason, businesses can also count on Beaurepaires to provide their clients with fleet driving programs that will inform drivers of the most efficient driving methods.

And last but not least, Beaurepaires can also identify problems your business has been encountering. Have you had many problems with tyres from other retailers and is it increasing your operational costs? Count on Beaurepaires to give you a better deal and solution!

Is There A Beaurepaires Store Near Me?

Beaurepaires has more than 200 stores all over Australia, including stores in Adelaide. The chance is therefore high that you will find a Beaurepaires store near you. If you are not entirely sure where the nearest Beaurepaires store is, simply enter your suburb or postcode in the search window in the right hand corner.

Need a Quote or More Information?

Would you like a quote for one of our products? Then we can recommend heading over to our contact us page, where you will find many links to request a quote. Beaurepaires aims to answer all quote requests as soon as possible, but if you are in urgent need of an answer, you can always contact us via telephone.

To immediately contact the Beaurepaires team, please dial 13 23 81 to speak to one of our sales representatives. For more information about our services, please head over to the services pages.