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  • Durability (toughness)

  • Mileage

  • Low Noise

The Assurance DuraPlus 2 gives you the freedom to go further with TredLife Technology

  • TredLife Technology

    Wider tread profile with a carbon base delivers longer lasting tread

    Optimised construction

    Delivers your tyres with added protection against road hazards

    New Tread Pattern Design

    minimizes interior noise throughout tyre life

  • The Assurance Duraplus 2 has been engineered to deliver longer lasting tread life and comfort performance throughout the life of the tyre. Utilising the innovative Goodyear Tredlife Technology to deliver a longer lasting tyre, the Assurance Duraplus 2 also features a highly durable sidewall, providing enhanced durability to reduce damage from road hazards. The new symmetric tread pattern and construction deliver a quieter ride to enhance your comfort. Features a mileage warranty of 70,000km.

  • Section width
    Aspect Ratio
    Position (wheels)
    Measuring rim
    Tread depth (mm)
    Overall width
    Speed rating
    Load index
    Rim Diameter (inch)
    Overall Diameter (mm)
    Static Loaded Radius (mm)
    Revs per km