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Best Seller
Best Seller
Wrangler Duratrac
Wrangler Duratrac
Wrangler Duratrac


  • Durability (toughness)

  • Grip Performance

  • Handling Performance

  • Low Noise

The Wrangler DuraTrac is an extremely versatile 4WD tyre offering off-road traction.

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  • Tractive Groove Technology

    Offers enhanced traction in deep mud, dirt & sand

    High Angled Centre Tread Blocks

    Provides enhanced traction & stability with reduced road noise

    Self Cleaning Tread Pattern

    Maintains powerful traction in mud, deep gravel & other loose surfaces

  • The award-winning Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is an extremely versatile 4WD tyre offering outstanding off-road traction. Featuring Tractive Groove Technology for enhanced traction in mud and self cleaning shoulder blocks which help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction, you'll be able to tackle a wide variety of conditions in your 4x4 vehicle. Off Road trade magazine readers selected the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac as the best off-road tyre in Europe. It won in the category of "Traction Tyres," four years in a row from 2012 to 2016.

  • Section width
    Aspect Ratio
    Position (wheels)
    Measuring rim
    Tread depth (mm)
    Overall width
    Speed rating
    Load index
    Rim Diameter (inch)
    Overall Diameter (mm)
    Static Loaded Radius (mm)
    Revs per km

Customer Reviews


Never had a better tyre than the Goodyear Duratrac on my lifted Prado! Excellent off-road especially on the sand, as though your driving on a road tyre when back on the hard stuff. No noise at all even being an aggressive all-terrain tyre!


Excellent all rounder. Quite on the road too.

Only tyre I'll buy

I've had 3 sets now for both onroad and off, great in all conditions and have never let me down even in the most punishing conditions. They stick in the wet and are also good in mud. I'm pricing up a new set now for my new vehicle.

Good tyres!!!

I only buy quality tyres & that means Goodyear or BFG"s American made, My wife runs the silent armour, second set from new & the Prado has 330k on it & duratrac on the BT50 with 117k & in need of new ones

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