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Beaurepaires Queensland

Do you live in Queensland and need some new tyres of the best possible quality? Count on Beaurepaires to deliver the quality you need.

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The Best Queensland Tyre Provider!

High quality tyres are not difficult to find when you live in Queensland. Our selection of tyres are of the highest quality and consists of a wide range of brands.

Some of the high quality brands you will find in our Queensland tyres stores include Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli and many more. To see all your options, please visit our Queensland tyres catalogue or drop by at one of the Beaurepaires stores.

Queensland Tyres for All Vehicles

When you shop at Beaurepaires, you will find a large range of tyres for all types of vehicles. At Beaurepaires you can find car tyres, 4WD tyres, light commercial tyres, truck tyres, tractor tyres and agricultural tyres.

Even for some of our more unusual tyres, for example tractor tyres, you can still find excellent brands such as Dunlop and Goodyear. So even if you need tyres for a tractor or another agricultural vehicle, you can still enjoy the quality of these excellent brands.

Search for the Perfect Tyres

Customers who are looking to replace their old tyres should definitely try to find similar tyres for their car. Your car is designed to drive and handle better with a certain pair of tyres, so if you can find tyres that are meant for your make and model of car, you can definitely reap the benefit.

When you shop at Beaurepaires it is very easy to find the tyres you need. Simply go to our tyre search tool, where you can select the make and model of your car. Once you have selected your details, our database will provide you with the best choices for your vehicle.

Whenever in doubt, you can still contact one of our representatives for additional advice. You are also free to speak to one of the representatives at our Queensland store.

Why Choose Beaurepaires for Queensland Tyres?

There are many reasons why you should choose Beaurepaires for all your tyre needs. First of all, our tyres are always of the best quality, so you will not find any better anywhere else.

In addition to the purchase of tyres, you can also count on Beaurepaires for a number of services, including maintenance, repair and a free health check.

To take advantage of your free tyre health check, simply drop by at your local Beaurepaires store. During this process, our team will evaluate the tread depth and your tyre pressure, two clean indicators that can tell us if your tyres need replacing or repairing.

The tread depth of your tyres is measured with a tread depth indicator, a convenient tool that measures the wear of your tyre treads. It is also possible to acquire one of these tools, so you can monitor the health of your tyres at home. By getting your tread depth checked regularly, you can get a lot more mileage out of your vehicle.

Our team of experts will also check the tyre pressure and also explain what the best tyre pressure is for your particular vehicle. Frequent checking of your tyre pressure will reduce the effects over inflation and under inflation can have on your car and your tyres.

Any Additional Services and Products?

Customers can also count on Beaurepaires for wheels and batteries. We have a very nice selection of wheels and batteries, so you can be certain you will find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

In addition to selling batteries and wheels, we also provide various services to maintain your batteries and wheels. Customers can count on Beaurepaires for wheel alignment, wheel balancing and battery checks.

If your steering wheel is not quite straight and when your call pulls to either side, it is a clear indication that you are in urgent need of wheel alignment. If your wheels are not aligned properly, it could have some nasty side-effects for your driving and the wear on your tyres.

Of course, there is also wheel balancing. When your steering wheel is vibrating heavily or when your tyres are noisier than they should be, you should head over to Beaurepaires for wheel balancing. Balancing your wheels will make sure that the weight is evenly distributed and prevent nasty consequences of bad wheel balancing such as wear on your shock absorbers, struts, steering and suspension components.

Last but not least, you can also count on Beaurepaires to get your car battery checked. By using a battery analyser, we are able to obtain data that will tell us more about the charge rate of your battery. Based on this data, we can also evaluate how long your battery is going to last.

Can You Maintain My Tyres for Me?

Beaurepaires can also help its customers by maintaining the tyres of your vehicle. After you have driven a certain distance, it is recommended to get your tyres checked and maintained. When you have obtained a Tyre Maintenance Guide from Beaurepaires, and take it with you during your maintenance appointment, you can get a nice discount at our store.

How Do I Request A Quote?

Getting a price estimate from Beaurepaires is quite easy. Every product on Beaurepaires has its own quote button, so you can easily request a quote for a specific product.

Do you wish to request a quote for any of our services, then click on the request a quote button for the service you wish to take advantage of. Alternatively you can also give us a call or drop by at one of our stores for more information.

Free Information on Beaurepaires

Would you like some wet driving tips or do you prefer some additional information on the maintenance of your tyres and vehicle? Then be sure to check out our tips and advice pages, where you can find additional information about tyres, batteries and wheels!

Need Customer Support?

Are you in need of customer support? Do you want to obtain more information on any of our products? Call your local Beaurepaires store in Queensland by calling 13 23 81. Customers can also contact our general number at 1800 809 514.