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Looking for an amazing range of tyres in Victoria? Discover the amazing tyre range of Beaurepaires!

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What Products Can I Obtain From Beaurepaires?

Beaurepaires sells a full range of tyres, wheels, brakes and batteries. These parts are vital to the functioning and the effectiveness of your vehicle, so it is always a good idea to go for quality.

Fortunately, customers can always count on Beaurepaires to provide them with the best possible quality where tyres, wheels and batteries are concerned. In order to guarantee that quality, we only offer big brands with known quality and technology.

What Big Brands Can I Expect?

In our Victoria tyres selection, you will find a nice range of tyres coming from big brands. The first big brand you can find in our Victoria tyres is Goodyear.

Goodyear is a company that holds itself to very strict performance criteria. Only tyres that meet the high demands of Goodyear will be released to the public and this is a quality that Beaurepaires can stand behind.

Another big brand in the range of tyres you can find at our Victoria tyres range is Dunlop. Just like Goodyear, Dunlop holds its tyres to some pretty strict standards. So when you buy some Dunlop tyres, you can be sure they will last longer than the average tyres you can get from a garage.

Of course, these are not the only brands customers can expect in our range of Victoria tyres. Other big tyre brands in our range are Hifly, Kelly Tires and Pirelli.

What Do I Need To Know When Buying New Tyres?

When buying new tyres, there are always certain things to take into account. First of all, it is important to pick tyres that are especially created for your make and model of car. Remember, car manufacturers spend millions on developing their cars and this includes the tyres as well. A car will drive and function better when it is equipped with the tyres that were especially made for that model.

Fortunately it is pretty easy to find your respective Victoria tyres on our website. On our website you can find a search tool. Simply select the make and model of your car and get an instant list with all the tyres that are suitable for your type of vehicle.

Of course, there are additional things to take into account when shopping for your new Victoria tyres. If you want the best possible result, we recommend going for high performance tyres. We also recommend getting tyres for specific surfaces, including wet and dry roads. A set of all season tyres is also not a bad idea, because it can save you a considerable amount of time.

When Do I Need To Replace My Tyres?

There are some general guidelines to take into account when it comes down to tyre replacement. The best way to see if your tyres need replacement is by taking a look at your tyre treads. Remember, the primary goal of the treads is diverting water from beneath the tyre to improve traction and avoid hydroplaning on a wet surface.

As soon as your treads are worn, your tyres will become unsafe. In general, when your treads are down to 1.6 mm, your tyres are no longer safe.

Most high quality tyres will also have a tread pattern. This pattern can also be a clear indication of tyre wear, especially when you can see that the pattern is becoming flush.

Some customers are often dealing with irregular tread wear. They replace their tyres regularly, but find that they do not last as long or always have a problem with one particular wheel. If this is the case you may need wheel alignment or wheel balancing to resolve the issue.

Customers can also use some common tools to figure out if their tyres need replacing. One of these tools is the tread depth indicator, which can easily tell you if the tread depth has gone to an unsafe level. If you currently do not have such a device, no need to worry. Customers can also come to a Beaurepaires store to get the health of their tyres checked. The best thing of all? You do not have to pay a thing because our tyre health checks are completely free of charge!

Last but not least, always check for odd bulges or bubbles in the sidewall of your tyres. When such damage occurs, it means that the internal frame of the tyre has either been cracked or damaged and this can cause a blow out of your tyres. When dealing with this type of damage, immediate tyre replacements are needed.

Can You Balance and Align My Wheels?

You can also count on Beaurepaires to align and balance your wheels. As you may already know, problems with the balance and alignment of your wheels can cause some severe damage to your car and can impact the handling and responsiveness of your vehicle as well.

To get your wheels balanced and aligned, give Beaurepaires a quick call or drop by at one of our stores. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out.

Do You Have Any Business Services?

Beaurepaires can definitely be useful to many businesses in Victoria. We provide various services that can have a positive impact on the operational cost of local businesses, more specifically by providing them with complete tyre management programs, better tyre solutions and regular maintenance.

The business services from Beaurepaires are available for all types of vehicles, this includes light commercial vehicles, trucks, 4WD, forklifts and even farm equipment. So if you want your fleet in excellent condition, you can definitely count on us.

For a full overview of the services Beaurepaires can provide, please visit our commercial page or call one of our representatives for more information. Business clients can also visit one of our stores for a face-to-face conversation.

Contact Us

Do you need further information on any of our products or would you like to speak to a representative directly? Please call your local Beaurepaires store in Victoria by calling 13 23 81 or contact the customer service of Beaurepaires by calling 1800 809 514.