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Are you looking for tyres in Western Australia which are top quality? Go to one of the Beaurepaires stores today for all your tyre needs.

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What Is Beaurepaires?

Beaurepaires is currently the number one retail seller of West Australia tyres, wheels and batteries. Not only can customers count on Beaurepaires for excellent quality products, they can also receive some great services.

So why would you choose Beaurepaires over the competition? Well, when it comes down to Western Australia tyres you can expect the best quality from us. This quality is also accompanied by some very reasonable prices, occasional deals and excellent services. So why would you not go for the best Western Australia tyres when you get the choice?

How Can I Find My Tyres?

There are basically two ways to find the tyres that are right for your vehicle. If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, then we recommend having a look at our catalogue or our tyres category, which you can find in the main menu.

Customers who do not really know what type of tyre they need, or which tyres would be best for their car, should refer to our free tyre search tool. With this tool you can filter all the Western Australia tyres in our range according to the make and model of your car, the brand of the Western Australia tyres or the size of the tyres you are looking for.

Can I Obtain Extra Benefits When I Purchase My Western Australia Tyres from You?

All the Western Australia tyres in our range come with numerous benefits. All the tyres in our range include the price of the fitting, balancing, but also valve replacement and environmental disposal of your old tyres. So when you buy your tyres with us, you do not have to worry about a thing.

What Vehicles Do You Supply Tyres For?

Beaurepaires supplies tyres for almost all vehicles. In our range of tyres you can find tyres for cars, 4WD, trucks, tractors, agricultural vehicles and even light commercial vehicles.

In our range of tyres you will also find some high quality brands, because we only select the best possible tyres for our valued customers. Beaurepaires customers can make their choice between Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly Tires, Pirelli and Hifly.

Each of our tyres has some very specific benefits. For example, you can find tyres with superior grip thanks to ArmorGrip technology or additional durability thanks to added DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Can You Help Me Select My Tyres?

If you are having troubles finding the perfect tyres for your vehicle, or you are not exactly sure what tyres would be best, then you can always count on our customer support team. Simply give us a call or drop by at one of our Beaurepaires stores.

Beaurepaires has stores all over Australia, including stores in Western Australia. If you wish to drop by for some additional advice or to see our range for yourself, then drop by at our local Western Australia stores. Enter your suburb or postcode in the search window on this page and discover your nearest Beaurepaires store.

Can I Acquire Any Services?

If you choose Beaurepaires, you can count on many services. Some of the services we provide are the free tyre health check, battery check, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre maintenance and so much more.

Our free tyre health check is available at any Beaurepaires store. During a free tyre health check, our team of professionals will check your tread depth and the pressure on your tyres. By bringing in your vehicle for a free tyre health check, you can avoid premature wear on your tyres.

At Beaurepaires, customers can get their battery checked as well. The battery is considered to be the heart of your vehicle, so a good battery is absolutely essential for every car, truck and light commercial vehicles. When you bring your vehicle to one of the Beaurepaires stores, our staff will check your battery with a professional battery analyser. By using this analyser, we can obtain essential data that can tell us how long your battery is going to last and the exact charge rate of your battery. Customers who have their battery checked regularly, can avoid problems in the future.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are also two services you can obtain from Beaurepaires. These are two common problems with tyres and they can cause your tyres to wear more quickly than usual. By redistributing the weight on your tyres and by positioning the wheels of your vehicle, you can ensure the least amount of wear on your tyres.

Can You Provide Me With Advice To Avoid Tyre Wear?

Certainly. First of all we recommend examining your tyres on a regular basis. The best way to detect if your tyres need replacing is by measuring the tread depth. Measuring the tread depth usually requires a tread depth gauge, which is a tool you can easily acquire from most DIY stores. When your tyre treads have gone down considerably, it can be a sign that your tyres need replacing. Also take into account that worn tyre treads can make your vehicle unsafe and reduce the grip you have on the road, especially on wet surfaces.

We also recommend having a look at the sidewall of your tyres. When you can see any bubbles appearing on the rubber surface on the sidewall, you will need to replace your tyres immediately. The bubbles on the sidewall are a clear indication that the internal structure of your tyres has been damaged, which gives you a real high chance on blown out tyres.

Want more information on how you can detect tyre damage and how to maintain your tyres? Head over to our tips and advice page or drop by at Beaurepaires for a free tyre health check. Our professionals will be more than happy to share some information with you, so you can easily maintain your tyres at home.

What Is The Number Of Your Customer Service?

Customers can actually call two numbers to speak to a customer service representative. Customers living in Western Australia can call their local store by calling 13 23 81. Alternatively, customers can also call our main customer service department at 1800 809 514.