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Goodyear celebrates 125 years of innovation

It was a different world in 1898. Much has changed since then, including how we transport people and products around the globe. Recognised worldwide as an industrial icon, Goodyear has grown its premium tyre brand reputation by playing a major role in key moments of human history and life since its founding in 1898. As a pioneer in the tyre industry, Goodyear is proud to look back on its 125-year history which is filled with remarkable achievements and groundbreaking discoveries that have propelled mobility forward. 

  • 1907: Goodyear sold 1,200 Goodyear tyres to Henry Ford for use on the Model T
  • 1917: Goodyear built the Goodyear Blimp
  • 1925: Goodyear was the first to use helium in a non-rigid airship
  • 1928: Goodyear began building non-rigid airships for the Navy
  • 1947: Goodyear developed the first nylon tyres
  • 1971: Goodyear supplied the first tyres on the moon (for the Apollo 14 mission)
  • 1992: Goodyear unveiled the first extended mobility, run-on-flat, tyres for the Chevrolet Corvette
  • 1997: Goodyear became the exclusive tyre supplier for NASCAR, a relationship which continues today
  • 2017: Goodyear developed the 360 Urban Concept tyre, the first in Artificial Intelligence
  • 2020: Goodyear created the first reCharge tyre using replacement tread technology
  • 2023: Goodyear explored a better future with our 90% sustainable material demonstration tyre

Goodyear is also celebrating locally in Australia after opening its first store in Sydney in 1915. As such, Goodyear Australia is proud to join the global commemoration of 125 years of automotive excellence, offering our customers, our dealers and our staff the Freedom to Move through these innovative achievements. Click here to view the range of Goodyear tyres, available Australia wide.