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Goodyear Australia Wins Best Exhibitor Award at the 4X4 Show

August 2017


Goodyear Australia won the Best Exhibitor award in the 19 – 100 square metre category at the National Outdoors 4x4 Show held at Melbourne Showgrounds on 18-20 August.


Goodyear had a highly professional presence at the show, with our stand reflecting the strength of our iconic brand and the latest in 4X4 and SUV tyres on offer. Of particular note was the first showing of the new Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyre, featuring its class leading noise reduction, comfort and wet grip performance attributes.


Of course our famous Goodyear Wrangler range of highway, all-terrain and off-road tyres was strongly featured, including Wrangler Triplemax, All-Terrain Adventure, Duratrac and MT/R Kevlar. The MT/R Kevlar’s aggressive pattern received a lot of attention!


We featured two concept tyres at the show. The Goodyear BH-03 tyre features thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials to generate its own electricity for tomorrow’s vehicles, while the Goodyear Tripletube is designed to inflate and deflate based on detected road conditions. Goodyear’s commitment to innovation and future driving trends is already a talking point.


Dunlop was also present, with Grandtrek AT3G, AT20 and PT3 tyres showing the way.

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