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Our History

Old shop front

1922: Beaurepaires tyre service is founded
Sir Frank Beaurepaire started the first Beaurepaires Tyre Service Centre, repairing and retreading tyres.

1926: Expansion of Beaurepaires Tyre Service
Beaurepaires moved to a new head office on Latrobe Street, and opened additional stores on St. Kilda Road and in Ballarat.

1933: Olympic Tyre & Rubber Co. founded
Frank Beaurepaire started the Olympic Tyre & Rubber Co. to manufacture tyres in Australia.

1940s: Cables and General Products
Olympic expanded its product range by manufacturing cables, rubber flooring, vinyl tiles, footwear soling, belting, and nylon.

1954: Production of the 2,000,000th tyre
In August 1954, Beaurepaires processed its 2,000,000th tyre using Olympic retreading materials.

1956: Beaurepaires and the 1956 Olympic Games
Frank Beaurepaire’s dream was to bring the Olympic Games to Melbourne. Unfortunately, Sir Frank passed away before he could see his dream come true. 

1960s: More store openings and further developments 
In 1966, Beaurepaires opened 18 new branches. This included the installation of modern testing and wheel balancing equipment, as well as new facilities for retreading radial ply tyres.

Olympic General Products also began to manufacture flexible polyurethane foam for the use in the furniture industry.

1970s: Olex Cables is formed 
In 1973, Olympic General Products merged with Nylex to form Olex Cables. Beaurepaires grew into a national network of 170 branches, offering complete tyre retreading, repairing and retail services and ancillary facilities such as front end alignment, suspension and brakes.

1980: Beaurepaires and Olympic amalgamate with Dunlop
Beaurepaires and Olympic amalgamated into Dunlop Group to form Dunlop & Olympic Tyres.

1987: South Pacific Tyres is formed
Beaurepaires was the flagship retailer of the group.

2006: Ansel makes way for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company took 100% ownership of South Pacific Tyres from Ansell, the other partner in the joint venture. 

2008: South Pacific Tyres cease manufacturing in Australia
South Pacific Tyres ceased manufacturing in Australia to focus on their marketing, wholesale and retail operations.

2009: South Pacific changes name
South Pacific Tyres became Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres.

The success of Beaurepaires is due to our unparalleled product range (tyres, wheels, batteries, services) and facilities, and our established industry experience and expertise. Most of all, however, it is due to the outstanding service for which Beaurepaires has always been renowned. 

As Beaurepaires moves forward, we remember the commitment of our forebears to secure an even more successful future.