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Goodyear Better Future

At Goodyear, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices to protect our planet and people; give back to the community; provide a safe, inclusive, and healthy workplace; and engage our associates in these efforts.

Goodyear Better Future, our corporate responsibility framework, was launched in 2018. This framework helps ensure corporate responsibility is integrated into all levels of the organisation, promotes communication and awareness, and drives alignment with Goodyear’s corporate strategy and stakeholder priorities.

The Better Future framework helps us drive innovation and operational excellence while creating value and helping us build a better future.

Better Future consists of four pillars: Sustainable Sourcing, Responsible Operations, Advanced Mobility, and Inspiring Culture.

By 2030, our goal at Goodyear is to introduce the first 100% sustainable-material tyre.
We continuously work to reduce our operational impact and build a better future for society through our products and our commitment to Health and Safety.
We are committed to advanced energy efficiency, tyre longevity, comfort, convenience, and digital-based solutions.
We strive to enable our talents to achieve their full potential by offering a rich and rewarding place to work.