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Best Seller
Best Seller
Wrangler Duratrac
Wrangler Duratrac
Wrangler Duratrac


  • Durability (toughness)

  • Grip Performance

  • Handling Performance

  • Low Noise

The Wrangler DuraTrac is an extremely versatile 4WD tyre offering off-road traction.

  • Tractive Groove Technology

    Offers enhanced traction in deep mud, dirt & sand

    High Angled Centre Tread Blocks

    Provides enhanced traction & stability with reduced road noise

    Self Cleaning Tread Pattern

    Maintains powerful traction in mud, deep gravel & other loose surfaces

  • The award-winning Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is an extremely versatile 4WD tyre offering outstanding off-road traction. Featuring Tractive Groove Technology for enhanced traction in mud and self cleaning shoulder blocks which help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction, you'll be able to tackle a wide variety of conditions in your 4x4 vehicle. Off Road trade magazine readers selected the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac as the best off-road tyre in Europe. It won in the category of "Traction Tyres," four years in a row from 2012 to 2016.

  • Section width
    Aspect Ratio
    Position (wheels)
    Measuring rim
    Tread depth (mm)
    Overall width
    Speed rating
    Load index
    Rim Diameter (inch)
    Overall Diameter (mm)
    Static Loaded Radius (mm)
    Revs per km
5/ 5 · 4 reviews
Feb 04
Little bit expensive but goes anywhere and isn’t loud, looks very good too. My friend got 95,000ks from his set
Feb 02
The best tires I have ever had on my 79 Series
Aug 13
Great product
Clint Jobson
Feb 26
Great in the wet